Managing Your Wet Macular Degeneration During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted the wet macular degeneration community and it is a particularly challenging time for people living with this chronic condition. Along with navigating unexpected treatment considerations, your daily life at home and interaction with your support network may have changed. To address common questions and concerns, we compiled some relevant resources:

How does wet macular degeneration affect your vision?

Chris White, the Group Chief Executive of the National Council for the Blind in Ireland, and ophthalmologist Mark Cahill discuss the impact of wet AMD on vision.

How does wet macular degeneration impact your independence?

Chris White, the Group Chief Executive of the National Council for the Blind in Ireland, and ophthalmologist Mark Cahill discuss the ways wet AMD can impact independence.

Wavy Amsler Grid
Amsler grid with wavy blurry spot in center demonstrating vision with wet AMD

Managing your wet macular degeneration

Monitor the progression of wet macular degeneration using the Amsler grid

Five tips to a safer home
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5 tips to a safer home

Learn five simple ways to adapt your home and maintain your independence

Home Guide

A home guide made for you

Use this guide for additional suggestions and tips for adapting your home room by room

COVID-19 Virus
COVID-19 Virus

Retina International statement on COVID-19

Visit the global, patient-led organization for information

Picture: Illustration of anatomy of an eye with wet AMD, identifying the lens, retina, abnormal leaky blood vessels and increased VEGF-A

The role of fluid in wet AMD

How leaky blood vessels create a chronic, degenerative condition

Wet macular degeneration is a chronic condition characterized by abnormal blood vessel growth and subsequent leaking of fluid into the retina. If this fluid isn’t controlled, central vision will gradually get worse, leading to difficulty doing everyday activities such as reading, recognizing faces and driving.

Picture:  O.C.T. scan with no visible retinal fluid

Treatment for wet AMD

Anti-VEGF treatments can dry unwanted retinal fluid

The most commonly prescribed treatments for wet macular degeneration can slow the progression of the disease, help protect your vision, and even help regain a portion of the vision you may have lost.

Picture: Woman with glasses holding tablet while on video call with doctor
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Talking to your doctors

Top Q&A tips from patients and caregivers

When managing wet macular degeneration, it is important to keep an open line of communication with your eye doctors. Here are some questions frequently asked by people living with wet macular degeneration, along with answers.

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Building a support network

Suggestions for organizing all the help you'll need

You can find comfort, control and independence in planning for ways to best live with impaired vision.
For many people, this starts with building or expanding a support network.

Picture: Female doctor and patient smiling while talking

Ask your eye care team

Download our patient and caregiver conversation guide

This guide will help you throughout your treatment journey with macular degeneration. It is a tool that you can use to learn more about your condition and features questions to help guide conversations about treatment with your doctor and eye care team.

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Checklist for caregivers

For those caring for someone with Wet AMD

As a caregiver for someone with wet macular degeneration, your support is critical to helping your friend, spouse or family member cope with this condition. Here’s a checklist you can use and adapt for medical appointments, daily tasks and coordination with the broader eye care team.

ViaOpta Apps

Managing life with visual impairment can be a minute-by-minute challenge, with simple tasks like preparing meals, reading and walking becoming tough to navigate. To help you continue to enjoy the activities you love, ViaOpta Daily, ViaOpta Nav and ViaOpta Sim were developed.

Via Opta Daily

ViaOpta Daily

Your personal assistant for daily activities

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Via Opta Sim

ViaOpta Sim

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