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Understanding macular degeneration

Understanding wet macular degeneration

With macular degeneration it may be difficult to read a book, locate the edge of a curb, or recognize faces. There are two forms of macular degeneration: dry and wet. The wet form is more severe and requires treatment to preserve vision. 

Wavy Amsler Grid

Managing your wet macular degeneration

Monitor the progression of wet macular degeneration using the Amsler grid.

O.C.T of retina with fluid

The role of fluid in wet AMD

If fluid isn't controlled, central vision will gradually get worse, leading to difficulty doing everyday activities such as reading, recognizing faces and driving. 

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Importance of early treatment

Receiving treatment for macular degeneration early is essential to maintaining your vision and the lifestyle you love.

Home Guide
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When is it time to return to the doctor’s office?

Worldwide, patients, caregivers and healthcare providers are making drastic changes to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This includes being careful of when and how often to visit the doctor. Here are some key considerations, so you can continue with wet macular degeneration monitoring and treatment appointments as soon as it’s safe.

COVID-19 Virus
Covid-19 virus

Retina International statement on COVID-19

Visit the global, patient-led organization for information.

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Checklist for getting to your wet AMD appointments

A wet macular degeneration diagnosis can involve frequent doctor’s visits for check-ups and treatment. Preparing in advance of frequent doctor’s visits can make the process easier. We’ve created a checklist to keep you organized and relaxed going into your check-ups and treatment appointments.

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Depression and Wet Macular Degeneration

Over one-third of wet macular degeneration, patients experience depression following their diagnosis. Make sure you are taking care of your mental health as much as your physical health.

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Optimize your smartphone for low vision

Advanced technology made smartphones much more accessible. Most now have settings you can adjust to make them easier to use with low vision.

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Ask your eye care team

This guide will help you throughout your treatment journey with macular degeneration. It is a tool that you can use to learn more about your condition and features questions to help guide conversations about treatment with your doctor and eye care team.

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Prioritizing Overall Health and Wellbeing

Tips for caregivers of loved ones with wet
AMD and other conditions

As a caregiver for someone with wet macular
degeneration, it can be challenging to
manage the condition along with other health
issues. Here are tips to help you support
your loved one’s overall wellbeing.

ViaOpta Apps

Managing life with visual impairment can be a minute-by-minute challenge, with simple tasks like preparing meals, reading and walking becoming tough to navigate. To help you continue to enjoy the activities you love, ViaOpta Daily, ViaOpta Nav and ViaOpta Sim were developed.

Via Opta Daily

ViaOpta Daily

Your personal assistant for daily activities

ViaOpta Daily is designed to serve as a personal assistant to help with everyday activities and gain independence, inside and outside your home.

Via Opta Sim

ViaOpta Sim

A first-person look into life with visual impairment

ViaOpta Sim offers live simulations of 10 different visual impairments so that your community can understand how you see the world.

Via Opta Nav

ViaOpta Nav

Navigation assistance designed for you

ViaOpta Nav is a navigation app that helps you get to your destination with the help of voice-guided instructions, haptic feedback and more.

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