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Maintaining a regular treatment schedule is the most important thing people with wet macular degeneration can do. While scheduling and keeping up with treatment visits can be a challenge for you and your loved one, it’s important to keep in mind why continuing with treatment is so critical. Consistent treatment may help improve vision and prevent vision from worsening.

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While each person is different, here are a few tips for encouraging and supporting your loved one to continue anti-VEGF treatment:

  1. Schedule the next appointment while at the doctor’s office.

    Scheduling appointments in advance can help your loved one stick to a set treatment plan.
  2. Use a calendar app to set a reminder for the next appointment.

    Written calendars are good too, but a digital calendar app will allow you to set reminders for a week before, and the day before, the appointment. These reminders may help confirm transportation plans in advance and help stick to a schedule.
  3. Encourage your loved one by reinforcing the importance of sticking to a treatment plan.

    They may be more likely to participate in treatment over a long period of time if they also understand its benefits.1 Getting the doctor, friends and/or family members involved in this discussion may also help reinforce the importance of regular, consistent treatment.1 Here are some resources to help explain wet macular degeneration to patients, how to manage between appointments and what to expect during appointments.
  4. Look for caregiver and patient support groups in your neighborhood or on the internet.

    Connecting with others who have wet macular degeneration may provide additional motivation and ideas to help adhere to a consistent treatment schedule.


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