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Ask your eye care team

Download our patient and caregiver conversation guide

This guide will help you throughout your treatment journey with macular degeneration. It is a tool that you can use to learn more about your condition and features questions to help guide conversations about treatment with your doctor and eye care team.

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Common post-diagnosis questions 

Practical and emotional considerations for caregivers

When a friend, spouse or family member is diagnosed with wet macular degeneration, it can be overwhelming. What does this mean for their future? What does it mean for your future as a caregiver? How much support will this person need from you? There are many thoughts that can pop into your head, and we have collected some of the common questions you may have at diagnosis and during early treatment visits to help you along.

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Balancing Healthcare Needs

How to stay organized as a wet AMD caregiver as you manage another person's healthcare needs

Being a caregiver is a great responsibility. It’s important to stay organized while managing your friend’s or loved one’s healthcare records, appointments, prescriptions, insurance and more.

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Offering support at doctor’s appointments

Tips for supporting your loved one with wet AMD during their doctor’s appointments

As a caregiver, you’ll likely be accompanying your loved one to the ophthalmologist. Here are a few ways you can advocate for them at appointments.

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Providing care in the hours after wet AMD treatment

Tips for caring for a loved one after a wet AMD treatment appointment

Tips for caregivers supporting loved ones in the hours after their wet macular degeneration treatment.

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Checklist for caregivers

For those caring for someone with wet AMD

Your support is critical to helping your friend, spouse or family member cope with this chronic, progressive disease. Here’s a checklist you can use and adapt for medical appointments, daily tasks and coordination with the broader eye care team. 

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Resolving conflict with someone you care for

Healthy ways to solve problems and move forward together

Becoming a caregiver for a loved one can complicate your relationship with that person. Here are some helpful tips for settling any disputes with the person you care for.

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Prioritizing overall health and wellbeing

Tips for caregivers of loved ones with wet AMD and other conditions

As a caregiver for someone with wet macular degeneration, it can be challenging to manage the condition along with other health issues. Here are tips to help you support your loved one’s overall wellbeing.

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Caring for yourself while you care for others

5 ways to help keep your physical and emotional energy strong

While being a caregiver is rewarding, it can also be frustrating and tiring at times. Here are five ways caregivers can care for themselves while supporting someone with a chronic, degenerative eye condition. 

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4 tips for encouraging continued wet AMD treatment

Consistent treatment is key to maintaining vision over time

Staying on top of wet AMD treatment can be difficult, but is necessary. Here are four easy ways to ensure your loved one stays on schedule.

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Getting outside help when you need a break

Tapping others for support can change everything

Caregiving is hard work, and if you are the sole caregiver for a loved one, it can feel tiring. Remember to take care of yourself, too, and seek outside help when you need it.