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A wet macular degeneration diagnosis can involve frequent doctor’s visits for check-ups and treatment. Preparing in advance can make the process easier, from planning transportation to the doctor’s office to making sure you have everything you need while you’re there. And while you may get into a routine, it can still be helpful to prepare for appointments. Here are transportation and appointment checklists to help keep you organized.

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Transportation checklist:

  1. Arrange transportation in advance of your appointment date, so you do not have to worry about it that day.
  2. Ask a friend, family member or neighbor to help you get to the appointment, if possible. They can drive you, and also may be able to help you remember updates and information from your doctor during the appointment.
  3. Explore community resources that might be available to cover the costs of getting to appointments or to provide transportation. Local patient and community support groups are a good place to start. Your doctor’s office may even have a list of transportation resources.
  4. Use an internet search browser to look up doctor appointment transportation in your city or region may provide free options that are provided by local organizations or government.
  5. Consider using public transportation, a taxi or a ride share service if those are reasonable options for you.

Appointment checklist:

  1. Take note of any changes to your vision since your previous appointment. Consider using an Amsler grid to help you monitor your vision between visits. An Amsler grid is a black and white grid – on either paper or an app – that may help you notice any blurriness or waviness in your vision.
  2. Make a list of any new prescriptions or changes to your general health, so you can update the doctor during your visit. This will help your doctor make informed decisions for your treatment plan.
  3. Pack some snacks or a drink because appointments may last a few hours.
  4. Consider bringing music, a podcast or an audiobook, that you can listen to on headphones, to help relax before your treatment begins.
  5. Bring your calendar or access a digital calendar on your phone. Scheduling your next appointment during your treatment visit may help you stick to a consistent treatment schedule, and make sure that appointments are not forgotten.
  6. Make sure to arrive early in case there are any forms you need to fill out before you see the doctor.
  7. Ask for patient education materials while at the appointment. Learning more about wet macular degeneration may help you better understand and continue with your treatment schedule over time.

Like other doctor appointments, wet macular degeneration treatment appointments can be lengthy. It’s important to be prepared beforehand. To learn more about what to expect during a treatment visit, click here.