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Managing staying at home with wet AMD

Tips to stay healthy & happy in your household

Balancing a healthy lifestyle and independence can be challenging if you spend a significant amount of time at home. With that in mind, it is important to be deliberate about managing staying home in a healthy way.

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5 tips to a safer Home

Simple changes can make big safety differences

Navigating your home can become challenging because of wet macular degeneration. When the center of your vision is impaired, you may need to find ways to help you walk down stairs, set an oven or microwave timer or avoid bumping into your coffee table.


A home guide made for you

Download our room-by-room guide

Suggestions for easy ways to adapt your home for living with wet macular degeneration.

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Overcoming fear of injections

Tips to help reduce anxiety, fear, and nervousness

It is not uncommon to be afraid of needles, or even of going to doctors’ appointments in general. Here are some ways you can overcome your anxiety and fear surrounding your wet macular degeneration treatment.

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Ask your eye care team

Download our patient and caregiver conversation guide

This guide will help you throughout your treatment journey with macular degeneration. It is a tool that you can use to learn more about your condition and features questions to help guide conversations about treatment with your doctor and eye care team.

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Getting around safely with low vision

4 tips to stay safe and smart while you’re out and about

Pointers for travelling safely with wet macular degeneration.

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Coping with wet AMD

Handling the emotions you may feel after a
wet AMD diagnosis

Everyone experiences wet macular
degeneration diagnosis differently, but here
are some best practices that can help you
adjust to life with the chronic condition.

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Connecting with the wet AMD community

You’re not alone in your experience

It is important to talk about your diagnosis with people who can relate to you. Read on to find out how to find and develop relationships with other wet macular degeneration patients.

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Depression and wet macular degeneration

The importance of getting help

Over one-third of wet macular degeneration patients experience depression following their diagnosis. Make sure you are taking care of your mental health as much as your physical health.

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Choosing a caregiver

How to decide who should be your main support while living with wet AMD

You might have a few close relatives or friends you could ask to be your primary caregiver. Here are some things to consider when making this important decision.

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Explaining wet AMD to friends and family

Opening up to your loved ones about your

A wet macular degeneration diagnosis can be
unnerving. But it is important to try to
talk about your condition, and how your
loved ones can help.

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Building a support network

Suggestions for organizing all the help you’ll need

You can find comfort, control and independence in planning for ways to best live with impaired vision. For many people, this starts with building or expanding a support network.

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Working while living with wet AMD

Tips for managing your condition and your career

Many people living with wet macular degeneration still work full- or part-time jobs. Read on for advice on managing wet macular degeneration while working.

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Staying active with wet AMD

Good choices can help maintain your overall health and wellbeing

Incorporating regular movement and exercise into your routine is important for maintaining overall health and wellbeing, especially while living with wet macular degeneration. Not only will exercise help with blood flow and maintaining a healthy weight, but physical activity can also lighten your mood and reduce anxiety as well.  

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Healthy living and your sight

Good choices can help you protect your vision

Here are a few healthy lifestyle tips that may also benefit your eye health.


ViaOpta apps to help navigate daily life

A suite of mobile apps designed for you

Managing life with visual impairment can be a minute-by-minute challenge, with simple tasks like preparing meals, reading and walking becoming tough to navigate. To help you continue to enjoy the activities you love, ViaOpta Daily, ViaOpta Nav and ViaOpta Sim were developed.

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Optimize your smartphone for low vision

Making your device work for your needs

Advanced technology made smartphones much more accessible. Most now have settings you can adjust to make them easier to use with low vision.

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Finding non-visual ways to complete tasks

Using technology to ease the burden of wet macular degeneration

Wet macular degeneration does not have to stop you from doing everyday tasks. Thanks to modern technology, you can still enjoy books and news, look up information on the internet, and even adjust the lights in your home without using your vision at all.

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Tips for managing the symptoms of wet AMD

Ways to protect your eyes, adjust to your changing vision and avoid eye strain

While continuing treatment for wet AMD, lifestyle changes can help you further care for your eyes. Explore tips and tricks like lighting adjustments, visual aids and technologies that come in handy.

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Winter, COVID-19 and wet AMD

Tips for navigating the pandemic during this season

Cold weather, icy streets and fewer hours of sunlight are just a few of the challenges that come along with wintertime. The season can take an emotional and physical toll on many people, particularly given the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some tips to help you navigate the season.

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